Developing web sites and applications demands a special kind of text editor. You need flexible editing, syntax highlighing and code-completion for web languages, page preview and support for server-side technologies. Add a built-in web server and you have Webbo...

Webbo provides a sophisticated, multi-file text editor with docking windows, colour syntax highlighting, built-in HTML page preview and 'Code Assist' code completion for HTML, CSS and ASP.NET.

Use Webbo's templates and snippets to customise your editing environment, the code you need is only a few mouse-clicks away.

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Use Webbo's built-in support for ASP.NET to build dynamic web sites and applications; get Code Assist support for server controls and C# server-side code sections. Use the bundled development server or link seamlessly to IIS.

Use Webbo's built-in Apache server and PHP 5 support to develop dynamic web sites; get Code Assist support for PHP functions.

Webbo's Code Assist feature provides instant support for HTML, CSS, ASP.NET and server-side C# code.

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Webbo requires version 3.5 of the .NET Framework; if you're using Windows 7 you already have everything you need. XP and Vista users may need an update from Microsoft.

Download Webbo free of charge from SourceForge

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Webbo is based on QuickSharp, an extensible application framework for building desktop applications for Windows. Find out more by visiting the QuickSharp Web site at SourceForge.