Introducing Webbo

Webbo provides a lightweight but extensible web development environment. It is primarily aimed at developers producing static, ASP.NET and PHP web sites but its built-in Apache server provides additional scope when using PHP and other Apache-based technologies.

Developing web sites and applications is primarily about editing code and Webbo provides a flexible and highly customizable editing experience. Its multi-file, docking window interface allows you to arrange your work anyway you want to provide instant access to the files in your project. Similarly, the Explorer view provides an complete overview of the project and allows files to be moved, copied, renamed and deleted directly from with Webbo.

Unlike other integrated development environments, Webbo does not require project configuration files to be maintained; in Webbo a project is simply a folder and its contents. To work on a project simply move the Explorer view to the project folder using the toolbar buttons in the Explorer view window.

Project content can be added using the 'New From Template' menu. Templates can be easily customized and supplemented with new content to provide the resources you need to get your projects up and running as quickly as possible. Similarly, editor snippets can be used to quickly insert commonly used fragments of code.

For static HTML development a split-page preview feature provides instant feedback on your work as you edit page content while the HTML toolbar allow commonly used tags to be applied quickly and efficiently.

Webbo includes built-in development servers for ASP.NET, PHP and Apache-based projects and provides server-preview functions to allow you to view your sites and pages quickly and easily using any of the browsers installed on your computer.

Webbo's built in support for SQL editing and SQL Server, MySQL and SQLite databases allows data-driven applications to be developed entirely within the development environment.

To learn more about Webbo see the tutorial section for walkthroughs and other guidance.

Webbo is based on the QuickSharp application framework and shares many of the same features as the QuickSharp IDE. See the Guide for more insights into Webbo's features and capabilities.