Using Page and Server Preview

Previewing pages in a browser is an integral part of the web development process and Webbo provides two levels of page preview to help you.

HTML page preview

Webbo's editor provides a split-screen page preview for static HTML pages. Click the preview button in the toolbar to open the preview pane. This will show the page as it currently exists on the file system and will be updated each time you save the file.

By default the preview pane occupies the lower half of the editor. Use the HTML Editor options page to select a vertical split so that the pane appears on the right of the editing window. Select the 'inverted split' to show the pane at the top or left-side of the editor. The preview pane is provided by the currently installed version of Internet Explorer. This can be set to display pages using a number of different compatibility modes. Select the mode you wish to use from the drop down list.

HTML preview options

Changes to the preview pane require any open editors to be closed and reopened before they take effect. The preview pane is only available for files recognised as static HTML, that is files with extensions '.html' or '.htm'.

Server preview

HTML page preview is limited to static pages and can only be used to view pages in Internet Explorer. To use different browsers or preview server-generated pages such as PHP use Webbo's server preview.

Server preview allows the URL of the current page or site to be determined automatically so that a browser can be used to view the page at the click of a button. It provides a general preview feature that can be used with any number of different browsers and development servers. To use server preview define the format of the page URLs to be generated for your development server. By default pages are assumed to be hosted on localhost port 8080 with the root folder displayed in the Explorer view as the document root.

Server preview path

The browser will be opened on the URL formed by combining these settings with the path of the currrent page relative to the Explorer root. Use the Server Preview Path options page to configure the actual URL to your project needs.

A number of preview browsers can be defined with each being available for selection in the server preview section of the main toolbar.

Server preview toolbar

The preview buttons allow the selected browser to be opened on the site root or the page active in the editor.

Browsers are defined in the Preview Browsers options page. For each define the path to the browser and the arguments to be passed; the '${PAGE}' macro represents the URL of the page to be previewed. In most cases this is all you will need but any additional arguments (such as a Firefox profile) can be added here.

Server preview browser definition

Server preview is only available for certain file types. These are listed in the preview settings page:

Server preview settings