Using PHP

Webbo's support for PHP development includes color syntax highlighting for PHP files, Code Assist for common PHP functions and full integration for the built-in PHP development server.

Editing PHP pages and scripts

Use the 'New From Template' option to create new scripts and server-pages. To get help with common PHP functions press ctrl+space anywhere within a PHP code section. The Code Assist pop-up will appear:

PHP Code Assist

For more information hover the mouse cursor over the function name in the Code Assist window:

PHP Code Assist tooltip

Press enter to insert the currently selected function name into the code or press escape to cancel and close the pop-up. Alternatively, right-click the function name and click the context menu to insert the full signature of the function:

PHP Code Assist context menu

Code Assist support is limited to common PHP library functions, it does not support user defined functions or classes.

PHP development server

The built-in PHP development server introduced in PHP 5.4 is fully supported by Webbo and can be started by selecting 'Start PHP Server' from the 'Tools' menu. This will start the server with the current Explorer root folder as its document root. The server address and port will be as defined in the PHP server options page:

PHP server settings

Additional arguments may be provided to define other settings such as the PHP '.ini' file.

Upgrading PHP

To upgrade to the latest version of PHP or use an alternative version to the one supplied with Webbo (currently PHP 5.4.6) locate the existing installation (usually 'C:\Program Files\Webbo\Apache\php') and replace the files with the version of your choice.